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Google is one of the most prominent search engines in the world for a reason and that is because they return excellent quality results for every search. The relevant results that you get on Google is because of their commitment towards excellence, and they expect to see the same commitment from the sites they rank on the front page. Achieving top rankings in Google isn't quite as complicated as it might seem and there are many who have done so and many who will do so in the future. Strategy is important but in this battle persistence is even more important. This means that your strategy can be brilliant but you won't see any results unless you keep at it. This article will offer you some advice on how to rise in the SERPs.

It is important to remember that Google watches everything carefully to ensure they are providing the best results. So, you need to make a good impression both on the search engine as well as your visitors. If your website doesn't provide your users with a satisfactory experience, they will simply look for other sites that will. If people leave your site dissatisfied and the overall response you get is bad, then something clearly is not right and you need to do something about it. If Google discovers this happening frequently then your site might plunge in the SERPs rather having its rank increased. Therefore, you have to make sure you populate your site with content that is designed for your audience. The only way to really impress Google is to make a positive impact on your audience because users are what keeps Google going. If your domain name doesn't contain your main keyword, the one you hope to rank your site for, then at least put it in the URL. Google will give your page preference if it finds the keyword in the URL when generating results for a search. The type of keyword you are targeting is irrelevant, but a long tail will have a better chance of reaching the top. Google analyzes your website based on various factors, and the URL of your page happens to be one of them. There are many new sites that rank for their keywords just because they were included in the URL of the webpage.

If you want Google to consider your site reputable, then don't overdo it on the outbound links. Since outbound links have a tendency to drain the source page of page rank and pass it on to the target page, this can hurt you. An important site usually also has more inbound than outbound links due to its importance. Limit the number of outgoing links and make sure they are only important ones if you really must have them. As long as you know what needs to be done, you won't find it too hard to increase your position on Google. Go ahead and put what you learned here into action and see the results for yourself.
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